First Grade Homepage

Welcome to the First grade technology class! During the year, students will learn of different technologies, how to use a computer, learn how to keyboard, use Google apps as well as Microsoft products, and much more!

First Nine Weeks (August - October)

Students will learn about computers and other technologies. They will how to use a mouse, keyboard, powering on/off different technologies. They will begin practicing word processing skills.

Second Nine Weeks (October - December)

Students will continue to practice using the mouse and their keyboarding skills. They will further practice word processing, and focus on home row keys.

Third Nine Weeks (January - March)

First graders will strengthen their word processing skills by completing multiple assignments teaching them to use commands, as well as adding text boxes and arrows.

Fourth Nine Weeks (March - May)

First graders will practice their keyboarding and word processing skills further. They will start to learn how to add images to typed documents and work on creating presentations. They will be introduced to computer programming through